Nestle S26 Gold Stage 2 Follow On Formula From 6-12 Months 400 g

QAR 43.25
QAR 43.25
Nestle S26 Gold Stage 2 Follow On Formula From 6-12 Months 400 g

Product Summary

  • Your baby is growing fast. At this stage, you will notice his ability to mimic sounds and gestures, sit up, crawl, and play with others
  • Behind these milestones are billions of neural connections forming in his brain which, along with his healthy physical growth, enable him to embrace and learn from every new encounter
  • Providing proper nutrition and stimulation at this crucial time will positively impact how his brain and body develops, setting the stage for his learning and success, now and into the future


1-Wash your hands before
preparing babys formula. 2-Wash bottle, teat and cap
thoroughly until no milk remains. 3-Boil for five minutes, leave covered until use. 4- Boil drinking water
for five minutes;
allow to cool. 5-Consult feeding table,
pour exact amount of
lukewarm water into the bottle. 6- Use only the scoop
from this container.
Powder must be leveled. 7-Consult feeding table,
add exact number of
level scoops for age of baby. 8-Cap bottle and shake well
until powder is fully dissolved. 9-Close can tightly after each use and
store in a cool and dry place. Must be
used within 4 weeks after opening.

Product Information

Brand Nestle S26
Ingredients Skimmed Milk (from Cow's Milk), Lactose, Vegetable Oils [Palm Oil, Soybean Oil, High Oleic Sunflower Oil,
Content 400g
Type Follow On Formula
Stages Stage 2: 6 12 months
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