Glade Gel Car Freshener Lavender 70 g

QAR 8.50
QAR 8.50
Glade Gel Car Freshener Lavender 70 g

Product Summary

  • Glade mini gel lavender home air freshener is an easy way to add a fresh and clean scent to drawers, closets, pantries or bathrooms
  • Enjoy a pleasant lavender scent that lets you forget all about your worries
  • This gel air freshener is designed to fight even tough odors
  • Delivers big freshness for small spaces
  • This easy-to-use air refresher needs no electricity or batteries and comes with a unique fragrance control that's easily adjusted by raising or lowering the top lid

Product Description

Wouldn't it be nice to be greeted with a fresh and clean scent, especially in smaller or often unused spaces? Thankfully, it's possible with Glade Mini Gel Lavender Home Air Freshener. Now it's so simple to add a delightful, fresh scent to your drawers, closets, pantry, or just about anywhere you need.
You can also use it as a bathroom air freshener. The pleasant lavender scent lets you forget about all your worries. And while it's designed to fight the toughest odors, it's also the perfect air freshener for any part of your room. Imagine opening your wardrobe or that bottom drawer and enjoying the fresh fragrance. Enjoy the long-lasting scent that lingers for weeks, so you can truly get big freshness for small spaces. Glade Mini Gel Home Air Freshener has no electrical outlets or batteries, making them extremely handy to use. They feature a long-lasting water-based formula and a compact container. The strength of the fragrance can be easily adjusted by raising or lowering the top lid. Glade Mini Gel Home Air Freshener is an easy, long-lasting and affordable way to enjoy a refreshing fragrance all around your home. Just place it wherever you want to and enjoy the freshness.

Product Information

Brand Glade
Content 70g
Type Car Fresheners
Type Car Fresheners
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