AVT Premium Leaf Tea 225g

QAR 7.00
QAR 7.00
AVT Premium Leaf Tea 225g

Product Summary

  • Tested to strict quality standards for safe consumption
  • Provides a balance of great taste and health benefits
  • Ensures quick and easy preparation of tea
  • Ideal gift for every tea lover
Enjoy a refreshing cuppa with your friends and family with the AVT Premium Leaf Tea. These tea add bouts of deliciousness to your cup, making your tea time all the more enjoyable. They are tested to strict quality standards and ensure great relish. Besides pampering your taste buds, these tea also provide you with a number of health benefits. Black tea is known to be a rich source of antioxidants. As a result, your immunity gets a boost and your energy levels remain at optimum levels.

Product Information

Content 225g
Brand AVT

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