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Since the beginning of Bremed activities in 1991, our main commitment has been to place on the market innovative and high quality products in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.

We are a leading manufacturer of home health care products and in particular: nebulizers, blood pressure monitors and digital thermometers. A lot of our products are currently sold by the most valuable brands in the market and they are approved following the national and international standards. We are ready to satisfy your needs in order to realise OEM and private brand projects.

Utilizing our experience in manufacturing private label products, we provide our customers with all the necessary support needed to supply goods that fit exactly the requested requirements, such as product concept, moulding design and packaging design. With these concepts in mind, Bremed can effectively supply all your needs, guaranteeing product quality and reduction in costs.

Bremed has developed a new Internal Quality System in order to confirm its own tradition of high quality products.

The Company layout has been restructured to assure the maximum control on purchasing, on manufacturing and on distribution. Due to the respect of some strict Company rules, Bremed can assure that every single article which will be sold

on the market has the characteristics imposed by law, and that it is manufactured in accordance with all international quality standards.

Bremed's test laboratory controls the raw materials and the final products; it has been reinforced in order to be a basic department for checking the compatibility of the articles, which must be manufactured following the most strict quality rules.

Bremed is specialized in R&D, manufacturing and distribution for the following product lines:

Digital and Infra-red thermometers
Blood Pressure Monitors
Glucose Monitoring System
Systems for Aerosoltherapy
Wellness & Personal Care
Heating Pads & Heating Blankets
Orthopedics Pillows & Back Support
Beauty & Health Care Aqua-Patches
Baby Products


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