Ain Rodana Pommes Frites, 2.5 kg

QAR 17.50
QAR 17.50
Ain Rodana Pommes Frites, 2.5 kg

Product Summary

  • Prefried and frozen potatoes
  • Ain Rodana Pommes Frites are crafted from high-quality potatoes, delivering a premium and consistent quality for a delightful culinary experience
  • Enjoy the thin and crispy texture of these French fries, providing a satisfying crunch with each bite

The Ain Rodana Pommes Frites is a premium snack, now available in a convenient 2.5kg pack. Crafted to perfection, these French fries by Ain Rodana promise a delightful blend of crispy exteriors and tender interiors, ensuring a satisfying bite with every forkful. Made from high-quality potatoes and carefully processed to maintain their natural flavors, these pommes frites are a versatile and time-saving addition to your kitchen. Whether you are serving them as a side dish or the main attraction, the 2.5kg size ensures you have an ample supply for family meals or gatherings. Enjoy the taste and superior quality of Ain Rodana Pommes Frites.

Product Information

Content 2.5 kg
Brand Ain Rodana
Type French Fries
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