Aji-No-Moto Flavour Enhancer 150 g

QAR 5.50
QAR 5.50

Aji-No-Moto Flavour Enhancer 150 g

Product Summary

  • A popular seasoning and flavor enhancer
  • The purest form of umami, the fifth taste, altogether different from sweet, salty, sour and bitter
  • Halal certified product
  • Enhances the umami taste in your dishes, intensifying the flavors and making them more satisfying
  • Suitable for various cuisines and recipes, adding a universal touch of savory goodness
  • Add a pinch of ajinomoto to soups, stews, curries, and marinades, to enhance their flavors
  • Ideal for storing in an airtight container to preserved its quality

Content 150g
Brand Aji-No-Moto
Type Stuffing & Seasoning Mix

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