Arwa Water 1.5 Litres

QAR 1.50
QAR 1.50

Arwa Water 1.5 Litres

Product Summary

  • Refreshing and hydrating nature of Arwa
  • Arwa is perfectly balanced: pH7 and Low Sodium
  • Ideal for helping maintain your general wellbeing
  • Package is Recyclable
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Product Description

Choose Wellbeing. Choose Arwa.
* Natural, refreshing and hydrating
* Low sodium
* Smooth, clean and crisp taste
* Ideal for helping maintain your general wellbeing
* Helps restore the bodys natural balance
* Recyclable

Product Information

Brand Arwa
Ingredients 100% bottled drinking water. Typical Analysis mg/L: Calcium:1, Magnesium:20.7, Sodium:1.4, Potassium:9, Fluoride:< 0.1,Bicarbonate:12, Sulphate:77.4, Chloride:< 1, Nitrate:< 1, Carbonate: < 1, PH: 7, Total Hardness: less than 100, Total dissolved solids: 115.
Type Still Water
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