Bayara Cardamom Medium 100g

QAR 18.50
QAR 18.50
Bayara Cardamom Medium 100g

Product Summary

  • Excellent source of proteins, dietary fibre, minerals, and vitamins for nutrition
  • Perfect for enhancing taste of fudges and sweet rice preparations
  • Ideal as a natural flavouring agent for beverages
  • Selected for rich colour, good texture, and whole shape to offer exceptional quality
  • Lends a delicious taste and an indulging aroma to your delicacies

Flavour your morning tea by adding some crushed Bayara Green Cardamom in the brew. They have been carefully selected for their rich colour, good texture, density, and whole shape to bring only the best ones to your collection of spices. An excellent source of proteins, dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals, the cardamom supplements your nutritional intake to help maintain healthy living. In addition, it imparts a delicious taste and an indulging aroma to your delicacies. The green cardamom is perfect for flavouring your fudge creations or sweet rice preparations. Plus, you can add it to your choice of tea for enjoying a refreshing new beverage.

Product Information

Content 100g
Brand Bayara
Type Spices
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