Freez Lemon & Mint  Mix Carbonated Flavored Drink 275ml

QAR 4.75
QAR 4.75
Freez Lemon & Mint Mix Carbonated Flavored Drink 275ml

Product Summary

  • Unique & Exquisite Taste: These amazing and explosive new cocktail recipes are perfect for refreshing the thirst, with lower sugar, more taste
  • Matches Your Style: A very trendy drink A unique design, an elegant colored bottle and a label that looks great. A drink simply irresistible combine originality, sweetness and character
  • Free From Anything Artificial: Our Freez Mix carbonated beverages are made alcohol free, no artificial colors or flavors, and no preservatives added
  • Glass Packing: Packed in an attractive and unique colored bottle. Each with an easy to open cap
  • Storage Instructions: Ready to drink non alcoholic carbonated beverage, served chilled.

Freez mix is a non-alcoholic sparkling soft drinks with natural flavors for exceptional moments. This product is for consumers of all ages. Non-Alcoholic Beverage, ready to drink in a colored bottle. Tasty and flavorful in natural color without any artificial.

Product Information

Type Carbonated Drinks
Brand Freez
Ingredients Carbonated water, sugar, acidifying agents, citric acid and malic acid, acidity, lemon and mint flavors, natural color, Sodium benzoate (E211).
Content 275ml
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