Galaxy Bar Vanilla Ice Cream 50 g

QAR 3.50
QAR 3.50
Galaxy Bar Vanilla Ice Cream 50 g

Product Summary

  • Smooth vanilla ice cream covered in delicious Galaxy milk chocolate
  • Made from the choicest of ingredients to ensure the perfect taste and flavour
  • A perfect way to cool down on a hot day
  • Enjoy them as a delicious dessert to satisfy your sweet cravings
  • Can be served at parties, family gatherings, and special occasions

Product Description

Experience the exquisite fusion of creamy vanilla ice cream and luscious Galaxy Bar chocolate with this delectable 50g treat. Galaxy Bar Vanilla Ice Cream is a perfect balance of silky, velvety ice cream and rich, smooth Galaxy Bar chocolate. As you unwrap the package, the sweet aroma of vanilla and chocolate fills the air, setting the stage for a delightful indulgence. Each bite is a journey of pure pleasure, with the creamy ice cream complemented by the unmistakable Galaxy Bar chocolate pieces that melt in your mouth. This 50g treat is an ideal companion for those moments when you're craving a small yet immensely satisfying dessert. Galaxy Bar Vanilla Ice Cream is an irresistible pairing of two beloved classics, making it a delightful way to elevate your day.


  • Ice cream can provide comfort and happiness
  • Consuming comfort foods like ice cream can evoke feelings of nostalgia and emotional comfort
  • Store ice cream in the coldest part of your freezer
  • Transfer leftover ice cream to an airtight container to prevent freezer burnProduct Information

Product Information

TypeIce Cream Sticks & Cones
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