Galaxy Smooth Milk Chocolate 3 x 80 g

QAR 21.25
QAR 21.25

Galaxy Smooth Milk Chocolate 3 x 80 g

Product Summary


  • Made from chocolate and milk for a smooth and deliciously creamy flavour
  • Melt-in-the-mouth texture brings delight
  • Burst of a rich flavour satiates your cravings
  • Serves as a warm gift for festivities, birthdays, and other special events


Enjoy an occasional cheat day with the Galaxy Smooth Milk Chocolate. The rich chocolate used in the making of these chocolates makes them delectable. Blended with the creaminess of milk, the chocolate gets a smooth texture that melts in your mouth. You can pop a couple of these chocolates in your mouth and experience a burst of rich chocolatey goodness and some milky smoothness. This pack of Galaxy Smooth Milk is a perfect gift for your loved ones or your child on their birthday or some special occasion. The pack of chocolates is completely vegetarian, making it suitable for everyone to consume.

Product Information

Content 3 x 80g
Brand Galaxy
Type Covered Chocolate Bars
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