Galaxy Vanilla Ice Cream Stick 58 g

QAR 5.50
QAR 5.50
Galaxy Vanilla Ice Cream Stick 58 g

Product Summary

  • Delicious vanilla ice cream stick
  • Known for its sweet, creamy, and slightly aromatic flavor
  • Sourced carefully to ensure freshness, taste, and quality
  • Creamy texture just melts in your mouth for an irresistible ice-cream-relishing experience
  • Perfect treat for warm weather or anytime you're craving a sweet and satisfying dessert
  • Suitable for storing in the freezer for later consumption
  • Served during parties and special occasions to add joy and delight to the event
  • Individually wrapped or packaged to maintain freshness and make it easy to enjoy on the go

Type Ice Cream Sticks & Cones
Content 58 g
Brand Galaxy
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