Korean Bakeries Milk Rolls, 300 g

QAR 4.25
QAR 4.25
Korean Bakeries Milk Rolls, 300 g

Product Summary

  • Indulge in the irresistibly soft and airy texture of our bread rolls
  • Enjoy the subtle yet distinct flavor of premium milk infused into every bite, creating a delightful balance of sweetness and creaminess
  • Ideal for breakfast, afternoon tea, or a satisfying snack any time of day, these milk rolls complement various beverages and spreads

Product Description

Experience the authentic taste of Korea with our Korean Bakeries Milk Rolls. Crafted with care, these soft and fluffy milk rolls capture the essence of traditional Korean baking. Each bite reveals a delicate balance of flavors, enriched with the creamy goodness of milk. Whether enjoyed on their own or as a versatile accompaniment to your favorite spreads and toppings, these milk rolls promise a satisfying experience. With their inviting aroma and irresistibly tender texture, they are the perfect choice for breakfast, snacking, or creating memorable moments with loved ones. Discover the taste of Korea's bakery tradition in every bite of our Milk Rolls.

Product Information

Type Breads and Rolls
Content 300 g
Brand Korean Bakeries
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