LuLu White Oats 1kg

QAR 13.50
QAR 13.50

LuLu White Oats 1kg

Product Summary

  • Enriched with proteins, fibre, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins for good nutrition
  • Harvested from the best sources for excellent quality
  • Cooks quickly and easily for convenience
  • Ideal for breakfast porridges topped with dry fruits and nuts

Product Description

Follow a health-driven morning routine with a delicious breakfast of Lulu White Oats porridge. A rich source of proteins and dietary fibre with a high percentage of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, these oats provide nutrition to aid some of the most important body processes. Their regular consumption paves a way towards healthy living. In addition, they can be cooked quickly with ease to save your morning time for workouts and other important tasks. Harvested from the best sources, these wholesome cereals have been selected based on their superior quality and good texture, making sure that only the worthy ones make it to you. The cooked porridge can be topped with dry fruits, fresh fruits, or nuts for added relish.

Product Information
  • Content 1kg
  • Brand LuLu PL
  • Type Oats
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