Pif Paf Power Guard Crawling Insect Killer Value Pack 2 x 400 ml

QAR 24.00
QAR 24.00
Pif Paf Power Guard Crawling Insect Killer Value Pack 2 x 400 ml

Product Summary

  • Pif Paf Brings You A Cockroach & Ant Killer That Leaves Your Home Free Of Unwelcomed Guests
  • It Helps Protect Your Family From Disease-Causing Insects
  • Enjoy Long-Lasting Protection Against Illness-Causing Insects Like Mosquitoes and flies
  • This Multi-Tasker Insect Killer With Our Best-Ever The Formulation Is Easy To Use Near Dustbins, Behind The Curtains, Near Wall Corners, And Under The Sink
  • Keep Your Home Insect-Free And Liveable With Pif Paf

Product Description

Pif Paf Liquid Mosquito Killer provides 100% protection against mosquitoes all night long. This ultimate value pack consists of a kit including a 60 night refill. Formulated with active ingredients, is a powerful and convenient solution to offset mosquitoes and serves as the first line of defence against potential diseases and health hazards. The device starts working typically 5 min after being plugged in. On top, the device has a superior heating system that ensures low electricity consumption, and the dual-mode machine with high and low-intensity modes makes sure you and your family stay protected always. Liquid Vaporiser bottles shall last for 60 nights in approved use of 8 hours per night.

Product Information

Type Insecticides

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