Rs Olive Oil 230 ml

QAR 13.00
QAR 13.00

Rs Olive Oil 230 ml

Product Summary


  • Ideal for adding to grilled cheese and sauteed veggies
  • Can be used to make a delicious stir fry
  • Perfect for drizzling on popcorn and topping with Parmesan cheese for a savoury snack
  • Makes a delightful base for sauces and marinades


Make a healthy addition to your pantry with the Rs Olive Oil. You can use this olive oil to add pizzazz to anything from grilled cheese to sauteed veggies. The Rs virgin olive oil is perfect for making a delicious stir fry dishes and can also be drizzled on popcorn with Parmesan cheese. It also serves as a delightful base for sauces and marinades. This virgin olive oil is a perfect, healthy choice for a variety of salad, pasta, soup, rice, and vegetable dishes.

Product Information

Brand RS
Ingredients refined olive pomace oil blended with extra virgin olive oil
Content 230ml
Type Olive Oil
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