Water Wipes Soapberry Extract Baby Wipes 60pcs

QAR 22.75
QAR 22.75

Water Wipes Soapberry Extract Baby Wipes 60pcs

Product Summary


  • 99.9% pure water with the addition of drops of grapefruit extract as a natural preservative
  • Addition of soap nut extract - a mild, organic substance with a washing effect
  • Does not contain synthetic chemical additives with potentially irritating effects
  • Can be used by allergy sufferers and children with atopic dermatitis and other dermatological problems

Product Description

As baby starts to explore, letting them go is part of the adventure. So WaterWipes have created a unique wipe that harnesses the naturally powerful and pure ingredient of soapberry. Mild and hypoallergenic, This natural cleanser helps to thoroughly clean, while still caring for baby's sensitive skin. Joining the world's purest baby wipes family, WaterWipes with soapberry is made with 99.9% water, a drop of fruit & soapberry extract and nothing else. The Soapberry is a cherry-like fruit whose outer pulp is a rich source of a gentle natural cleanser called saponin. This cleanser, known for its skin conditioning properties, has been used by the people across Europe and Asia for centuries. The addition of this gentle ingredient makes these WaterWipes perfect for hands, faces and bottoms of growing babies

Product Information

Brand Water Wipes
Content 60pcs
Type Baby Wipes
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