The Qatar gulf provides car AC repair and service. Is your car AC not working properly or has stopped altogether? Contact us as soon as possible to get it resolved. We have been saving customers from Qatar's moldering heat for the past 17 years! Our team of expert AC technicians is well-experienced in the field of AC problems. While promising and delivering the highest standard of car AC repair and service, we provide various vehicles. While promising and delivering the highest standard of car AC repair and services. Our AC-related services include various features which are AC Refilling, Re-gas Car AC Servicing, Car Compressor Parts Fitting AC Diagnosis, and Troubleshooting Efficient.

WHY DO AN AC Service or checkup?

It’s important to know that many AC problems arise in your car between May and September when the heat and humidity in Qatar is at its highest. Many problems start to appear in your AC system and are mainly caused by a car’s radiator and compressor leaks. Here at Qatar Gulf we are very well equipped with the latest and most advanced AC repair and diagnostic equipment to restore your AC system to its full power.

Common issues associated with the AC include but are not limited to 

AC Refrigerant Leak, Electrical Malfunction, Faulty Cooling Fan, Clogged AC Condenser, Cooling weakness, and bad smells


Car AC Inspection
Gas Refill
Parts & Components Check
Electrical System Wiring Repair
General AC Maintenance
AC Filter Replacement

Why do customers choose Qatar Gulf?

We provide genuine AC parts & kits for all car brands, with a satisfying warranty. Secondly, we have never met an AC problem that we can’t fix. Our customers are more concerned that their car AC has become too cold compared to before, since we have access to premium AC gas quality machines this makes us the most favored garage in Qatar. 



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