Puck Whipping Cream Spray 250g

QAR 18.50
QAR 18.50

Puck Whipping Cream Spray 250g

Product Summary


  • Puck whipped cream spray in 250g can with a washable spray nozzle
  • Thick and creamy in texture, slightly sweet in flavor
  • Great as a topping for desserts, hot and cold drinks, pancakes
  • Can also act as a base for your own dessert creations try making a cream and fruit bowl
  • Very easy to use, just press the nozzle and see the cream come out
  • Min 28% fat
  • Store in a fridge

Slightly sweet in flavor, thick yet still creamy in texture, Puck Whipped Cream Spray will surely prove to be an invaluable asset to your most spectacular culinary creations.

Puck Whipped Cream Spray is unbelievably easy to use just open it and spray on whatever you want! Use it on top of desserts and drinks or as a delicious base on its own. Tasty, milky and versatile Puck Whipped Cream Spray will make all your desserts truly shine.


244kcal Carbohydrates 3.43g of which sugars 3.43g Protein 2.41g Fat: 25.0g of which saturated 19.8g of which trans fatty acids 0.52g.

Contains Dairy


Product Information

  • Content 250g
  • Brand Puck
  • Ingredients Cow's milk cream, sugar, emulsifier, stabiliser, gas propellant.
  • Type Whipping Cream
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