Chupa Chups Mini Mega Lollipops Candy 35 pcs 210 g

QAR 10.75
QAR 10.75

Chupa Chups Mini Mega Lollipops Candy 35 pcs 210 g

Product Summary


  • Forever fun: Find the perfect flavour in the bag of multi flavour lollipops
  • The mix of lollipops features Apple, Cherry, Orange, Cola and Strawberry
  • Sharing is caring: Ideal for any occasion: At every party, in the office, to fill candy cone or pinata or as a give-away
  • Chupa chups is the global brand of lollipops children and adults both love
  • Trouble free lolly fun: Each Chupa chups comes in individual wrapping
  • Its plastic stick won't dissolve or fall apart in your mouth, letting you enjoy the full taste sensation until the end
  • Everybody's favourite: Get the pack of 35 delicious mini-sized Chupa chups . Serves perfect for personal use, as family pack or to refill the existing stock. One can never have enough of them
  • Life less serious: Already since their innovation in 1958, the iconic lollipops brighten up everyday life with an enormous selection of all conceivable sizes, shapes, creations and flavours

 Product Information

  • Content 210g
  • Brand Chupa Chups
  • Ingredients Strawberry,Apple,Orange,cherry,Sugar,Glucose syrup,Fruit Puree,raspberry,Pineapple, lime,peach
  • Type Lolli Pops
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