LuLu Fennel Seed 200g

QAR 4.50
QAR 4.50

LuLu Fennel Seed 200g

Product Summary

  • Can be roasted and ground into a powder for adding to the spice mix
  • Makes for a perfect mouth freshener after meals
  • Perfect for adding to soups, sauces, Indian curries, and more
  • Ideal for adding an added flavour to pickles, bread, cakes, desserts, and drinks
  • Sourced naturally to ensure optimum quality

Product Description

Complete your spice collection with the Lulu Fennel Seeds. You can enjoy these seeds as a mouth freshener after a meal or roast and grind them into a powder to prepare a spice mixture. You can then use the homemade fennel powder in various preparations like soups, sauces, fish dishes, lamb- or potato-based curries, and more. You can also use it to add an enhanced flavour to pickles, bread, cakes, pancakes, desserts, confectionery, and drinks.
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