UFC Hot & Spicy Banana Ketchup 320 g

QAR 5.25
QAR 5.25

UFC Hot & Spicy Banana Ketchup 320 g

Product Summary

  • A unique blend of fresh spices and selected bananas which provides the Tamis-Anghang flavor with a kick
  • Fortified with Vitamins A and B6
  • Great accompaniment to a variety of sauces and dips
  • Goes well with spring rolls, sausages, fried eggs, and any silog breakfast plates
  • Product of the Philippines 
UFC's Banana Sauce (ketchup) is an excellent and flavorful alternative to traditional tomato ketchup, ideal for adding variety to the sauces you use for dipping. Banana ketchup has been the staple ketchup in the Philippines and for Filipinos worldwide. Pro tip: banana ketchup is also a key ingredient in making sweet Filipino spaghetti.

Product Information

Content 320g
Brand Ufc
Type Filipino Food
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