Popular Idly & Dosa Batter, 1025 g

QAR 7.00
QAR 7.00

Popular Idly & Dosa Batter, 1025 g

Product Summary

  • Idly & Dosa Batter is made from high-quality ingredients, including rice and urad dal, to provide a traditional taste and texture
  • The batter is fermented using a special process that helps to break down the starches and proteins, making it easier to digest and increasing its nutritional value
  • Our batter is ready to use, saving you time and effort in preparing your favourite South Indian dishes
  • The batter is made with care and attention to quality, ensuring that you get the best possible product every time
  • The batter comes in convenient packaging that can be easily stored in your refrigerator, giving you quick access to a healthy and delicious meal

Craving for some South Indian breakfast? Popular Idly and Dosa Batter is your best choice! Made with the finest quality ingredients and the utmost care, this batter promises to deliver soft and fluffy idlis and crispy dosas with every use. Our batter is a perfect blend of rice, black grain, fenugreek, and water for the perfect texture and taste. Preparing idlis and dosas has never been easier - simply mix the batter with water, let it sit for a few hours, and steam for soft and fluffy idlis. Or, spread the batter thinly on a hot griddle to make crispy dosas. Packaged in a convenient and hygienic manner, the batter stays fresh in the refrigerator. Shop now and indulge in the mouth-watering flavors of South India with Popular Idly & Dosa Batter!

Product Information

  • Brand Popular
  • Content 1025 g
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