Fairy Dishwash Max Plus Lemon, 675 ml

QAR 10.50
QAR 10.50
Fairy Dishwash Max Plus Lemon, 675 ml

Product Summary


  • Well-known for its excellent cleaning qualities, which efficiently remove oil and grime from your dishes
  • This variation has a light lemon flavor that will leave your dishes smelling clean and fresh
  • Use on a wide range of dishware types, including glass, ceramics, and plastic
  • Fairy produces long-lasting suds, allowing you to wash several dishes with a tiny quantity of liquid


Product Description

Get the Fairy Dishwash Max Plus in a convenient 675 ml bottle, now with the delightful freshness of zesty lemon. This powerful dishwashing liquid is designed to tackle tough stains and grease, leaving your dishes impeccably clean and your kitchen smelling invigoratingly fresh. Fairy's advanced formula not only ensures sparkling results but also helps maintain the shine of your glassware and utensils. With the uplifting scent of lemon, it transforms your daily dishwashing routine into a more pleasant experience. Say goodbye to stubborn food residues and enjoy the ease and effectiveness of Fairy Dishwash Max Plus Lemon in a compact and easy-to-use bottle.

Product Information

Brand Fairy
Content 675 ml
Type Dishwashing Liquids
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