Feather Ultra Long Sanitary Pads With Wings 2 Size 10pcs

QAR 6.75
QAR 6.75
Feather Ultra Long Sanitary Pads With Wings 2 Size 10pcs

Product Summary

  • Dermatologically tested and super gentle on skin
  • Ultra-long flexible structure gives better coverage throughout the day
  • Leak-free technology keeps you safe during high flow
  • Provides up to 12 hours of protection
  • Designed with an odour control technology that keeps you fresh by preventing bad odours
  • Comfortable pads that are breathable on all sides
  • Made in Turkey

Product Description

Your search for the perfect sanitary napkin ends here, at LuLu. Feather Sanitary Napkins are the ideal choice for women seeking better hygiene as it is designed to provide them with the finest protection, comfort, and hygiene during their menstrual cycle. If you want to deal with periods in the safest way possible, try out Feather. These winged sanitary pads have a super-soft texture that ensures maximum comfort and prevents discomfort and rashes. No matter how heavy your flow is, they make sure you always feel clean and dry down there. Feather napkins comes with more absorption capability and specific features to keep you dry. It is a great deal if you do not want to spend a lot of money on sanitary pads because you will get all you need in this pack. It is going to be a worry and stain-free period indeed.

Product Information

Brand LuLu PL
Type Sanpro Pads
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