Orange Valencia South Africa 1kg

QAR 3.50
QAR 3.50

Orange Valencia South Africa 1kg

Product Summary


  • Freshly sourced from South Africa
  • Rich in iron, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and other nutrients
  • Healthy addition to any diet
  • Can be consumed as a snack or used to prepare juice
  • Ideal ingredient for sweet recipes like tarts, pastries, and cakes
  • Country of origin: South Africa

Product Description

Valencia Oranges are sourced from South Africa and carefully transported to prevent damage or loss of quality. They are rich in calcium, fibre, vitamin A, vitamin C, and electrolytes that enhance overall health. They also contain beta-carotene that helps prevent and repair cell damage. You can peel and enjoy these fresh oranges as a nutritious snack or use them to prepare refreshing juices. The pulp can also be added to sweet recipes like pies, tarts, cakes, and sherberts. These Valencia oranges make a great carry-on snack while trekking or travelling, thanks to their naturally protective thick skins.

Product Information
  • Content 1kg Approx. Weight
  • Brand Fresh
  • Type Citrus Fruits
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