Lipton Peach Ice Tea 300 ml

QAR 2.25
QAR 2.25

Lipton Peach Ice Tea 300 ml

Product Summary


  • Delightful concoction of peaches and tea for a lip-smacking taste
  • No colourants or preservatives ensure safe consumption
  • Perfect refresher for on-the-go lifestyle
  • Zero fat and zero saturated fats beverage suitable for health-conscious people

Product Description

The Lipton Peach Ice Tea is a delicious, refreshing drink that will delight your senses with its delightful concoction of peaches and tea. It is made from real tea leaves and just the right amount of sweetness to give you a perfect infusion every time. This Lipton Peach Ice Tea contains no colourants or preservatives, has zero fat and zero saturated fats, and is suitable for health-conscious people. This on-the-go refresher will keep you refreshed throughout your dayand it's a great way to keep up with your hydration needs. Did you know? Mrs D. A. (Mary) Lincoln, the head of the Boston Cooking School, published her recipe for pre-sweetened iced tea in 1884, calling for cold tea to be poured over broken ice, lemon, and two sugar cubes.

With no colourants or preservatives, it's a delicious drink that you'll look forward to every day of the week. Enjoy the delightful concoction of peaches and tea as you sit back, relax, and enjoy your day.

Keep this bottle in a cool and dry environment. Store it in your refrigerator for a refreshing taste every time.

Product Information

  • Type Iced Tea
  • Brand Lipton
  • Content300 ml
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