Chocolate Chips Cookies 250g

QAR 9.50
QAR 9.50

Chocolate Chips Cookies 250g

Product Summary


  • Perfect pick for satiating your sweet tooth
  • Made from carefully sourced ingredients to ensure perfect crunch and flavour
  • Come enclosed in tight packaging to ensure they stay fresh for a long time
  • Ideal as an energy snack on the go or with tea and coffee
  • Makes for a suitable addition to kids' lunch boxes or to carry on the move

Product Description

Experience the rich taste of chocolate as you bite into the crunch of IH Bakery Lulu Chocolate Chips Cookies. They are made using high-quality, carefully sourced ingredients to ensure the perfect flavour, crunch and texture. These delicious cookies are a must-have for any chocolate biscuit lover. They are loaded with choco chips to give you a rich taste in every bite. It is very hard to have just one! They make for a delightful party treat to serve your guests or be carried along on travels as a snack on the go. They also make for a perfect addition to kids lunch boxes!

Product Information

IngredientsFlour, Salt, Condensed Milk, Milk Powder, Baking Powder, Bicarbonate soda, Dark Choco Chip, Glucose Liquid , Sugar, Egg, Ghee, Butter.
Type Instore Baked Cookies
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