Pan De Coco 1pkt

QAR 4.00
QAR 4.00

Pan De Coco 1pkt

Product Summary


  • Soft bun with sweet coconut filling inside for a tasty snack
  • Fluffy bread with soft texture feels delightful to bite into
  • Yummy coconut filling releases a burst of sweetness
  • Delightful treat for tea time or as dessert


Appreciate the diversity of global food culture with Pan de Coco. This mouth-watering treat has its roots in the Philippines with fresh batches prepared every morning in most of the local bakeries there. The exquisite Pan de Coco presents a soft and fluffy bun with sweet coconut filling inside. As you bite into this treat, there is a burst of sweet taste and savoury texture to leave your taste buds wanting for more. Prepared from the highest-quality ingredients, the soft Pan de Coco offers a rich taste and is a perfect snack for tea-time gatherings.

Product Information
  • Content 1pkt
  • Brand Lulu
  • Ingredients Flour, Salt, Sugar, Yeast, Bread Improver, Milk Powder, Baking Powder, Butter, Desiccated Coconut Powder, Egg, Water
  • Type Filipino Breads and Cakes
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