Langnese Pure Bee Honey 125 g

QAR 9.25
QAR 9.25

Langnese Pure Bee Honey 125 g

Product Summary


  • 100% pure and natural bee honey
  • Zero preservatives, colouring, and artificial flavours for safe consumption
  • Ideal for sweetening beverages, garnishing salads, and marinating meat
  • Add this to your tea, oatmeal, yogurt, smoothie or simply enjoy by the spoon
  • Great as a morning wellness ritual or pre-workout natural energy source


Drizzle a few drops of the Langnese Pure Bee Honey in your evening lemon tea to relish a natural form of sweetness. This delightful honey adds a delicate savoury sweetness that would absolutely captivate your taste buds. It is 100% pure and natural bee honey with a complete absence of added preservatives, colouring, and artificial flavours, ensuring safe consumption. This honey introduces a uniquely sweet flavour to your beverages and desserts. You can add it to your preferred tea or coffee, use it to garnish your salads, and marinate meat with it for preparing rich cuisines.

Product Information

Brand Langnese
Content 125g
Type Honey
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