Lurpak Butter Block Salted 100g

QAR 6.25
QAR 6.25

Lurpak Butter Block Salted 100g

Product Summary

  • Lurpak salted butter in 100g block
  • Made with 100% fresh cow's milk and a sprinkling of salt
  • Has a legendary subtlety and freshness
  • Perfect to mix, fry, drizzle and bake into all kinds of creations
  • With its delicate taste, Lurpak butter enhances the flavour of whatever food it is added to

Soft, creamy, unmistakably fresh and ever-so-slightly aromatic, Lurpak Salted Butter is the perfect choice for your breakfast and snack times.

Made with 100% fresh cows milk and a light sprinkling of salt, Lurpak Salted Butter can be paried with a freshly baked bagel, crunchy toast or a scrumptious scone. It is also great to mix, fry, drizzle, and bake into all kinds of creations.

Why, you ask? Simply because.Good Food Deserves Lurpak!

Product Information

  • Type Butter
  • Content 100g
  • Brand Lurpak
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