Tindly India 250g

QAR 3.25
QAR 3.25

Tindly India 250g


Product Summary

  • Fresh and crisp tindly
  • Uniquely flavoured and nutritious
  • High in protein, fibre, vitamin C, iron, calcium, and potassium
  • Carefully sourced to preserve freshness
  • Also known as ivy gourd
  • Used to make stir fry, sambar, sabzis and various South Asian dishes
  • Country of origin: India

Product Description

Add a flavourful savoury dish to your meal with the Lulu Fresh Indian Tindly. You can chop this vegetable off of cut thin horizontal and vertical slices. This tindly is carefully hand-picked from organic farms, finely sorted, and precisely packed, following the safety standards to deliver the healthiest and the best-tasting ones to you. We strive to ensure that the products are of a high standard of quality and meet the requirements of food safety. Our team constantly and carefully monitor what we have in stock to recognize the freshest items and to assure it's of the best possible quality. This freshly sourced tindly is perfect for preparing savoury recipes of all kinds. Be it gravy or a curry-based dish or a pan-cooked dry preparation, or even fried pieces. This veggie makes your food tasty. Along with its delicious taste, it also helps to keep your body healthy. Eating fresh tindly-based dishes also provides you with energy.


  • It is high in fibre and proteins.
  • The high Vitamin C in present tindly is to be attributed to good health.
  • A rich source of potassium which is essential for a healthy body.
  • Keep them in the refrigerator
  • Can be used to make stir fry
  • Add them to the vegetable curry to increase nutrients intake
  • Can be pickled to preserve them for a longer period of time

The scientific name of tindly is Coccinia Grandis. It is also referred to as scarlet gourd and ivy gourd.
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