Al Amal Cheese with Dill, 500 g

QAR 37.75
QAR 37.75

Al Amal Cheese with Dill, 500 g

Product Summary

  • Comes in an attractive packaging, making it a perfect gift option for cheese lovers
  • Ideal for entertaining guests, impressing at parties
  • Versatile cheese that can be used in a variety of culinary applications, from appetizers to main courses

Product Description

A delectable treat for cheese lovers with Al Amal Cheese with Dill! Made with premium quality ingredients, this cheese is a delicious blend of fresh cheese with a touch of aromatic dill herb. With its soft, creamy texture, it is perfect for spreading over crackers or sliced bread, adding a zing of flavor to your morning toast or sandwich. Al Amal Cheese with Dill is crafted with care, using the best cheese-making techniques. The combination of high-quality cheese with the natural taste and aroma of dill creates a unique and unforgettable flavor profile. This cheese is an excellent source of protein and calcium, making it a healthy and nutritious option for your everyday meals and snacks. Shop now and indulge in the savory and tangy taste of Al Amal Cheese with Dill.


  • Contains calcium, protein, and vitamin D
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Refrigerate after opening
  • Consume before the expiration date
  • Can be used as a topping for crackers, bread, or salads
  • Can be used in sandwiches or wraps
  • Can be used as a flavoring in soups or sauces
  • Product Information
Type Cheese Prepacked
Brand Al Amal
Content 500 g

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