Amada Stix Hazelnut 32 g

QAR 3.00
QAR 3.00
Amada Stix Hazelnut 32 g

Product Summary


  • Biscuit sticks coated milk chocolate with hazelnut


Unleash your taste buds with the exquisite Amada Stix Hazelnut, 32g pack. Crafted with precision, each Stix is a symphony of velvety chocolate enrobing a luscious hazelnut center, creating a perfect balance of richness and nutty goodness. The 32g packaging makes Amada Stix Hazelnut an ideal on-the-go treat, perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings anytime, anywhere. Amada Stix Hazelnut promises a delightful blend of textures and flavors that elevates chocolate snacking.


  • Chocolates can boost mood and create feelings of happiness
  • Chocolates are popular gifts and tokens of appreciation, making them great for social occasions
  • Avoid exposing chocolates to humidity
  • Keep chocolates in a cool, dry place 
Product Information

Type Covered Chocolate Bars & Tab
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