Americana Chicken Fries Hot & Crunchy 2 x 400 g

QAR 16.25
QAR 16.25

Americana Chicken Fries Hot & Crunchy 2 x 400 g

Product Summary


  • Made from 100% chicken breasts for a delicious taste
  • Crunchy on the outside and tender inside for a mouthwatering taste
  • Ready-to-eat just needs frying for quick preparation
  • No artificial colours or flavours for healthy consumption

Product Description

The Americana Chicken Fries Hot & Crunchy are the perfect snack to enjoy while you're on the go. Hot chicken fries are made from 100% chicken breast, so you know that you get nothing but high-quality meat when you eat them. And they're also free of any artificial colours or flavourswe don't want anything to get in the way of your enjoyment of this delicious snack. They're also easy to prepareno need to thaw before frying. Just fry them in preheated oil for 3-4 minutes and enjoy the delicious taste of crispy bite mouth feeling. They're perfect for a quick snack or as a side dish. Did you know? Because of its high protein and low-calorie contents, you can eat more chicken breasts without worrying about overeating.

Made from 100% chicken breast, they're hot and crunchy with no artificial colours or flavours. These fries are perfect for any occasionfrom snack time or family dinners to game day parties.

Store it frozen at -18C. Once defrosted, do not refreeze.

Product Information

Brand Americana
Content 2 x 400g
Type Ethnic Ready Meals
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