Anand Mysore Mixture, 200 g

QAR 5.50
QAR 5.50

Anand Mysore Mixture, 200 g

Product Summary


  • Experience the authentic flavours of Indian snacks, made using traditional recipes and premium quality ingredients
  • Perfect snack to munch on during tea-time, movie nights, or whenever you need a tasty treat
  • Indulge in the crunchy texture and rich flavours of each bite, offering a delightful snacking experience
  • Prepared under hygienic conditions, ensuring food safety, and preserving its freshness


Savor the genuine tastes of Indian snacks, crafted with time-honored recipes and the finest ingredients. An ideal treat for tea-time, movie nights, or whenever you crave a delectable bite. Immerse yourself in the crispy texture and authentic flavors, creating a delightful snacking journey. Crafted in pristine conditions to ensure food safety and freshness preservation - presenting Anand Mysore Mixture.

Product Information

Content 200 g
Brand Anand
Type Indian Savouries
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