Aquaman Sugar Free Bubble Gum Banana, 14.5 g

QAR 1.50
QAR 1.50

Aquaman Sugar Free Bubble Gum Banana, 14.5 g

Product Summary

  • Offers a delicious Banana flavour without added sugar, making it a guilt-free treat
  • The packaging features iconic Aquaman branding, making it a perfect treat for fans of this iconic superhero
  • Each piece of bubble gum is designed for maximum bubble-blowing fun, providing hours of entertainment
  • Ideal for sharing with friends and family during parties, gatherings, or as a fun surprise
  • Bubble gum is a timeless and beloved treat that evokes nostalgia and joy in both kids and adults
  • Collectible packaging makes it a great addition to superhero-themed collections or as a novelty item

Product Description

Dive into a world of refreshing flavor with Aquaman Sugar-Free Bubble Gum in the tropical Banana flavor, now available in a convenient 14.5g package. Each chew is like a wave of fruity goodness that transports you to the depths of the ocean, mirroring Aquaman's connection to the sea. Just like the aquatic hero himself, our sugar-free bubble gum offers a refreshing burst of flavor without the added sugar, ensuring you can savor the sweetness without compromise. With Aquaman Sugar-Free Bubble Gum Banana, you will embark on a flavor-packed journey that combines tropical delight and strength. Set sail on a flavorful adventure like no other with the Aquaman Sugar-Free Bubble Gum!

Product Information

Type Gums
Brand LuLu PL
Content 14.5 g
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