Chocolate Cake Small 500g

QAR 34.00
QAR 34.00

Chocolate Cake Small 500g

Product Summary


  • Prepared with high-quality ingredients for enhanced freshness
  • Baked to perfection for a soft and fluffy texture
  • Perfect treat for chocolate lovers
  • Makes an ideal serving for various occasions

Product Description

Indulge in the decadent Chocolate Cake Small and relish its rich flavour on your cheat day. Made with the choicest of ingredients, the cake is super-soft and delicious. The sponge-soft cake has smooth layers of cream. The smooth and light frosting gives the cake its melt-in-the-mouth feel with every bite you take. The chocolate cake has a perfect and delectable appearance. You can serve this cake at dinner parties or brunches and win praises for your baking skills. The cake is also a perfect surprise for your loved one on their birthday.

Product Information

Content 1pc
Brand Lulu
IngredientsFlour, Salt, Sugar, Baking Powder, Cocoa, Whipping Cream, Egg, Shortening, Water, Artifcial Food Colouring.
Type Instore Produced Cream Cakes
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