Diamond Cling Wrap, 150ft, 3 pcs

QAR 20.00
QAR 20.00
Diamond Cling Wrap, 150ft, 3 pcs

Product Summary

  • Ideal for covering, storing, and preserving various food items
  • It clings tightly to surfaces to create a protective seal, keeping food fresh
  • Suitable for covering bowls, wrapping leftovers, and preserving the freshness of fruits and vegetables
  • Clear and transparent wrap allows easy visibility of wrapped items
  • Durable and tear-resistant material for easy handling and application
  • A must-have for every kitchen to ensure food stays fresh and protected

Keep your food fresh and well-preserved with Diamond Cling Wrap, now available in a practical pack of 3 rolls, each measuring 150 feet. Crafted by Diamond, a trusted name in food storage solutions, this cling wrap provides a secure and airtight seal to maintain the flavor and quality of your perishables. The 150-foot length per roll ensures you have an ample supply for various culinary needs, from wrapping leftovers to preserving fruits and vegetables. Easy to tear and manage, Diamond Cling Wrap is an essential addition to your kitchen.

Product Information

Content 150ft, 3 pcs
Brand Diamond
Type Cling Film & Wrap
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