Eastern Turmeric Powder Bottle 180g

QAR 6.00
QAR 6.00
Eastern Turmeric Powder Bottle 180g

Product Summary

  • Flavour-lock processing extends the shelf life
  • Derived from the finest dried rhizomes for good quality
  • Imparts a rich colour and flavour to the food
  • Therapeutic for promoting better immunity

Your home-cooked meals will taste even better and look more tempting with a pinch of Eastern Turmeric Powder. Enriched with a radiant glow, this powdered spice not just imparts a delicate flavour but also makes your cuisines take on an inviting form. Sourced from the finest dried rhizomes, this flavour-enhancing powder works best for transforming many regular recipes. It is treated with flavour-lock processing to extend the shelf life, letting you savour its rich essence over the course of many cooking sessions. Furthermore, turmeric is known to have therapeutic properties for promoting better immunity. So, go ahead and sprinkle some Turmeric Powder over that simmering soup to get the best of both health and taste!

Product Information

Content 180g
Brand Eastern
Type Spices
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