Galaxy Hazelnut And Chocolate Cone Ice Cream 110 ml

QAR 5.00
QAR 5.00

Galaxy Hazelnut And Chocolate Cone Ice Cream 110 ml

Product Summary


  • Delicious hazelnut & chocolate ice cream
  • Made from the choicest of ingredients to ensure the perfect taste and flavour
  • Ice cream cone offers a classic and popular taste experience
  • Enjoy them as a delicious dessert to satisfy your sweet cravings
  • Can be served at parties, family gatherings, and special occasions


Product Description

Galaxy Hazelnut And Chocolate Cone Ice Cream is crafted with the finest ingredients. This delectable hazelnut and chocolate ice cream ensures the perfect taste and flavor in every bite. Encased in a classic ice cream cone, it offers a beloved and popular taste experience that never goes out of style.


  • Eating ice cream can trigger the release of endorphins, which can boost mood and reduce stress and anxiety
  • The sugar and fat content in ice cream can provide a quick energy boost when needed
  • Store in your freezer at around -20C (-4F) to maintain its creamy texture

Product Information

Type Ice Cream Sticks & Cones
Content 110ml
Brand Galaxy
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