Haribo Starmix 160 g

QAR 10.00
QAR 10.00

Haribo Starmix 160 g

Product Summary


  • No artificial color.


Indulge in the playful and delicious world of Haribo Starmix, a 160g bag of iconic gummy sweets that promises a burst of flavor in every bite. This delightful assortment includes a mix of popular Haribo shapes, from the classic Goldbears to the tantalizing Rings, Cola Bottles, and more. Bursting with fruity goodness, each piece is a chewy, colorful adventure that brings smiles to candy lovers of all ages. Haribo's time-tested recipe ensures a perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess, creating a harmonious medley of flavors that dance on your taste buds. Whether you are enjoying them on the go, sharing with friends, or adding a touch of sweetness to any moment, Haribo Starmix is a beloved and timeless treat that adds a burst of joy to your day.


  • Chocolates can boost mood and create feelings of happiness
  • Chocolates are popular gifts and tokens of appreciation, making them great for social occasions
  • Avoid exposing chocolates to humidity
  • Keep chocolates in a cool, dry place 
Product Information

Content 160g
Brand Haribo
Type Candy Bags
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