Heinz Fiery Chili Mayonnaise Top Down Squeezy Bottle 225ml

QAR 9.25
QAR 9.25

Heinz Fiery Chili Mayonnaise Top Down Squeezy Bottle 225ml

Product Summary

  • Created by experts: has applied its expertise to develop a creamy Chilli mayonnaise to go with everyday foods like salads, sandwiches, chips or finger foods and our famous Chilli Mayonnaise is the result
  • The ideal spice: With the finest quality ingredients and 100% pure vegetable oil in its rich, smooth, and creamy tasting mayonnaise, Chilli Mayonnaise is a delicious tasting condiment with spicy Chilli
  • Brilliantly bold flavour: The bold, savoury taste of Chilli Mayonnaise makes it an ideal dip, sauce or can be simply spread on bread, pasta or sandwiches. It is a perfect accompanimant to chicken, kebab or finger foods for that extra burst of flavour
  • Keeping it fresh: Chilli Mayonnaise which come in top down, easy-squeeze bottle, is made with free range eggs, and contains NO added colours, flavours or artificial thickeners. Chilli Mayonnaise, the only taste that grabs you!
  • Proud of our roots: From humble beginnings in 1869 to providing some of the worlds favorite condiments today, the history of is full of all kinds of delicious details.

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