Huggies Pure Baby Wipes, 99% Pure Water Wipes, 56 pcs

QAR 12.00
QAR 12.00
Huggies Pure Baby Wipes, 99% Pure Water Wipes, 56 pcs

Product Summary

  • SAFE AND GENTLE: Huggies Pure Baby Wipes offer a gentle cleansing solution, ensuring the utmost care for your little one's delicate skin
  • 99% PURE WATER: Made with 99% pure water, these natural baby wipes have a cool and refreshing touch
  • PLANT-BASED FIBERS: Made with plant-based, skin-loving natural fibers, these natural cleaning wipes from Huggies are the perfect eco-friendly and natural choice
  • FREE FROM NASTIES: Huggies Pure Water Wipes are free from added nasties such as parabens, alcohol, and fragrances, making them gentle and safe to use everyday
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Compactly designed, our Huggies water wipes are the perfect size and are an excellent addition to your diaper bag and car
  • HYPOALLERGENIC & SAFE: These pure water wipes are tested to be safe on even the most sensitive skin types for a safe cleansing experience
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Product Description

Nourish your little one's delicate skin with Huggies Pure Baby Wet Wipes as gentle as your touch. Made with 99% pure water and plant-based fibers, our natural wet wipes clean, refresh and nourish your baby's sensitive skin. Huggies Pure Baby Wet Wipes are hypoallergenic and free from added harsh ingredients. They offer your little one all-around protection with every swipe. Plus, our wipes have been dermatologically tested, making them safe for newborn babies. Our water-based Huggies wipes are a natural, chemical-free, and eco-friendly choice to gently clean your baby's sensitive skin. With exceptional softness and a gentle touch, they keep your toddler's skin cool and refreshed. These unscented water wipes are also paraben and alcohol-free and delicately cleanse and soothe your toddler's sensitive skin without irritation. They're also free from Phenoxyethanol, a commonly used preservative in infant care products that may cause skin irritation and allergies. Huggies Pure Water Wipes are as safe and gentle as water alone, thus providing you with complete peace of mind. They cleanse and soothe your toddler's skin with every swipe. Versatile and dependable, they can be used during nappy changing times, for cleaning up messes, or for cleansing your little one's face, hands and body. Our 99% pure water wipes are small and easy to take with you wherever you go. Their size makes them an excellent addition to your diaper bag. They help keep your toddler clean and feeling fresh all the time, whether you're at home or out and about. At Huggies, since 1968, we've believed in keeping your baby's skin soft and healthy. Our path-breaking innovations in infant care have accompanied generations of toddlers on their growth journey. Discover our full range of Huggies baby products designed to support every stage of your childs development. From baby wipes, to baby diapers in all sizes, and even swim nappies for little swimmers, Huggies has everything you need.

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