Jif Ultrafast Kitchen Spray 500ml

QAR 16.75
QAR 16.75
Jif Ultrafast Kitchen Spray 500ml

Product Summary

  • Give your home exceptional cleaning on your beautiful surfaces in just 10 seconds with Jif Ultra Fast Kitchen Cleaning Spray
  • Jif cleaning with fast-acting grease removing formula removes dirt and stains from all your favorite surfaces
  • Tough grease and dirt removal in just 10 seconds with Jif Ultra Fast Kitchen Spray
  • Cleaning will be a breeze with Jif Ultrafast Kitchen Spray to have 100% smooth and shiny surfaces
  • Jif Multi-Purpose Cleaner Ultra Fast Kitchen Spray cleans surfaces fast and easily
  • No rinse needed, just spray and wipe. Just Jif it and leave the rest to Jif

Product Description

With its fast acting, grease removing formula enriched with citrus extracts, Jif Ultra Fast Kitchen Spray keeps your surfaces clean fast and easily. Its powerful formula immediately penetrates the dirt, providing wholesome cleaning of your favorite kitchen surfaces. Jif Ultra Fast Kitchen Spray keeps your kitchen gleaming clean with an unbeatable 100% streak free shine from every spray. The powerful deep cleaning molecules in Jif Ultra Fast quickly lift away 100% of tough grease leaving the busiest room in the house ready for family life. Enjoy a streak free shine on ceramic, chrome and enamel surfaces, first time, every time. Use Jif Ultra Fast Kitchen Spray as an excellent cooker spray for your oven and stove top too. How to use Jif for the best clean, spray onto the surface, leave for a few seconds and wipe with a cloth. For best results, wipe away with a dry cloth. Jif Ultrafast Kitchen Spray is your assistant in the kitchen with its hygienic formula. It offers powerful solutions for stove cleaning by effectively combating burnt and sticky oils. Developed to be the perfect kitchen cleaner, the product also prevents the surfaces from being scratched and keeps them shiny. It also plays an important role in oven with its structure that dissolves difficult grease in 10 seconds. Jif, which can be used for cleaning countertops and sinks as well as surfaces with difficult stains such as stoves, ovens, hoods, can be easily applied to large surfaces thanks to its spray head. It removes dried grease stains and dirt from your kitchen. Thanks to its strong and effective formula, it offers a sparkling and bright built-in cleaning. It also creates an effective oven cleaning option by fighting grease stains that have dried due to high temperatures.

Product Information

Content 500ml
Brand Jif
Type Scouring Creams
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