KDD Guava Nectar Drink 1 Litre

QAR 6.50
QAR 6.50
KDD Guava Nectar Drink 1 Litre

Product Summary


  • Utterly healthy juice to add to your daily diet
  • Made from natural guavas that are sourced from the finest farms
  • Rich source of vitamin C and dietary fibre that boost your immunity and ensure a healthy gut
  • Nutrient-dense guava juice offers several health-promoting benefits
  • Packed carefully in a clean environment to deliver a safe and hygienic beverage
  • Ideal fruit juice to give a healthy and nutritious start to the day

Product Description

Jumpstart your day with an utterly healthy and nutritious KDD Guava Nectar Drink. It is made from all-natural guavas from the finest farms to offer you a delightful beverage experience. It is hygienically packed under stringent conditions to ensure only safe and delectable juice reaches you. The guava drink is packed with enormous health-promoting benefits that make it an ideal choice to relish on the go. Did you know? Guava contains four times more fibre than pineapple. Also, it has four times more vitamin C than an orange.

The KDD guava drink is a rich source of vitamins of B, C, A and E, offering several health benefits. The guava fruit juice is also a great source of dietary fibre and minerals such as potassium, manganese, magnesium and phosphorus. Besides, it also contains numerous phytochemicals that benefit humans health.

Store the pack of this guava drink in a cool, dry place. To preserve the taste and freshness for a long time, keep it away from direct heat sources.

Product Information

Type Long Life Juices
Brand KDD
Content 1 Litre
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