Kitco Potato Sticks Ketchup, 45 g, 5+1 Free

QAR 24.00
QAR 24.00

Kitco Potato Sticks Ketchup, 45 g, 5+1 Free

Product Summary


  • Enjoy the delicious and crunchy potato sticks in the exciting ketchup flavour
  • Irresistible ketchup flavour that adds a zing to your snacking experience
  • Satisfy your snack cravings with the crispy and satisfying texture of these potato sticks
  • Perfectly portioned for on-the-go snacking, whether at work, school, or any outdoor activity
  • Ideal for all ages, it makes a great addition to lunchboxes, picnics, or as a tasty treat during breaks
  • Produced with quality standards to ensure a tasty and satisfying snacking experience


Indulge in the flavorful crunch of Kitco Potato Sticks Ketchup, the perfect snack companion for those craving a delectable taste experience. Each conveniently sized pack contains 45 g of crispy potato sticks seasoned with the savory goodness of ketchup, delivering a satisfying blend of tangy and salty notes with every bite. With the irresistible offer of 5+1 free, this snack pack ensures you have plenty to share or stash for multiple snacking moments. Kitco's commitment to quality and taste is evident in every golden stick, making it an ideal on-the-go snack.

Product Information

Brand Kitco
Content 45 g
Type Potato Canister
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