Koko White Egg, Medium, India, 30 pcs

QAR 18.50
QAR 18.50

Koko White Egg, Medium, India, 30 pcs

Product Summary

  • Can be added to a quiche or a cheese-and-chive egg bake
  • Perfect for serving sunny side up or over toast
  • Can be boiled to keep a quick, satisfying snack on hand
  • Ideal for serving them fried, poached, or scrambled with toast and your choice of protein for a mouth-watering breakfast

Experience the joy of cracking open a Koko White Egg, Medium, and marvel at its white shell. Each egg is carefully selected from hens that are raised in a natural and nurturing environment, resulting in eggs of exceptional freshness and quality. Whether you're preparing a traditional Indian breakfast, whipping up a delicious curry, or baking a mouthwatering cake, Koko White Eggs bring a touch of authenticity and flavor to your culinary creations. Indulge in the pleasure of using Koko White Eggs in your recipes and savor the unique taste they offer. These medium-sized eggs boast a velvety white and creamy yolk that adds richness and texture to every dish. Koko White Eggs allows you to experiment with a wide range of flavors, from traditional Indian recipes to innovative fusion dishes that showcase the vibrant tastes of India. With their medium size, Koko White Eggs provide the perfect portion for a variety of culinary adventures. Whether you're cooking for yourself or catering to a small group, these eggs ensure you have the ideal quantity to meet your needs. Elevate your culinary experience with Koko White Eggs, Medium, and immerse yourself in the flavors and traditions of India. With their medium size, exceptional taste, and versatility, these eggs are a chef's best-kept secret. Whether you're a cooking enthusiast or a home cook, Koko White Eggs are the perfect choice for adding authenticity and richness to your favorite dishes.


  • Good source of protein.
  • It is also a rich source of vitamins A, B, D & E, selenium, phosphorus and more.
  • Keep it refrigerated.
  • Whip up your egg and make a delicious omelet with onion and chili.
  • Make a bullseye and drizzle some salt and pepper over the yolk for the perfect breakfast meal.

Product Information

  • Brand LuLu PL
  • Content 30 pcs
  • Type White Eggs
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