Lay's Salt Potato Chips 155 g

QAR 8.25
QAR 8.25
Lay's Salt Potato Chips 155 g

Product Summary


  • Enjoy intense flavors with Lay's salt potato chips
  • Zero grams trans fat
  • Made from carefully selected high-quality potatoes
  • Perfect for relishing with soft drinks and hot beverages
  • Ideal while munching on TV and perfect for sharing with friends
  • Great for a quick snack on-the-go anytime, anywhere
  • Hygienically stored in sealed packs for freshness


Each bag of Lays Salted Potato Chips is made with specially selected potatoes and to the highest quality standards. Lays Salt Potato Chips is now available in a 170g bag, so you can enjoy your own bag of chips while watching your favorite programme on television. They are also perfect to take to work or for a quick afternoon snack. Celebrations and good times happen with Lays!

Product Information

Brand Lay's
Ingredients 100% fresh potatoes, vegetable oil(palmolein), salt
Content 155 g
Type Potato Bags
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