Lazza Rocket Kulfi 60 ml

QAR 3.00
QAR 3.00
Lazza Rocket Kulfi 60 ml

Product Summary

  • Made using high-quality ingredients
  • Hygienically packed and stored to ensure safety
  • Delicious blend of nutty texture and creamy goodness
  • Can be served as a snack or dessert

Product Description

Experience the delectable taste of Lazza Rocket Kulfi in a convenient 60ml serving. This classic Indian dessert is a frozen delight that combines the richness of traditional kulfi with the novelty of a rocket-shaped treat. Each bite takes your taste buds on a journey through creamy goodness, with hints of cardamom and saffron adding a touch of exotic flavor. Lazza Rocket Kulfi is a perfect way to beat the heat and indulge in a sweet escape, whether you are enjoying it on a hot summer day or as a delightful dessert after a savory meal. With its convenient size, you can savor the essence of kulfi whenever and wherever you desire. Let the nostalgia of this frozen treat transport you to the streets of India, where kulfi has been enjoyed for generations.


  • Ice cream can provide comfort and happiness
  • Consuming comfort foods like ice cream can evoke feelings of nostalgia and emotional comfort
  • Store ice cream in the coldest part of your freezer
  • Transfer leftover ice cream to an airtight container to prevent freezer burnProduct Information

Product Information

Type Ice Cream Sticks & Cones
Content 60ml
Brand Lazza
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